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Version: FG6

NeoGradle Documentation


Please note that this documentation may not be up to date considering the recent creation of NeoForged.

Until NeoGradle releases its first version, you should refer to ForgeGradle documentation. The ForgeGradle documentation for versions 6 and 5 has been archived here.

This is the official documentation for ForgeGradle, a Gradle plugin for developing MinecraftForge and mods using MinecraftForge.

This documentation is only for ForgeGradle, this is not a Java, Groovy, or Gradle tutorial.

If you would like to contribute to the docs, read Contributing to the Docs.

Adding the Plugin

ForgeGradle uses Gradle 8; it can be added using the plugins block in the build.gradle by adding the following information to the settings.gradle:

// In settings.gradle
pluginManagement {
repositories {
// ...

// Add the MinecraftForge maven
maven { url = '' }

plugins {
// Add toolchain resolver
id 'org.gradle.toolchains.foojay-resolver-convention' version '0.5.0'
// In build.gradle
plugins {
// Add the ForgeGradle plugin
id 'net.minecraftforge.gradle' version '[6.0,6.2)'

// ...